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Contract for publication in Hispania

     (Upon receiving notification of acceptance, the author should sign two copies and mail them to the EDITOR, who will sign and return one copy.)

THIS IS AN AGREEMENT ENTERED into by__________________________________________, henceforth known as AUTHOR and Estelle Irizarry, henceforth known as EDITOR, as agent of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, henceforth known as PUBLISHER regarding an original work by the AUTHOR entitled_______________________________________, henceforth known as the WORK.

     The AUTHOR recognizes that publication of the WORK is contingent upon its being of satisfactory quality in the judgment of the EDITOR, and the decision as to whether to publish the WORK lies in the sole and final discretion of the EDITOR.

     The AUTHOR guarantees that the WORK is solely and completely of the AUTHOR's production and therefore belongs to the AUTHOR with exclusion of any other person.

     The AUTHOR guarantees that the WORK has not been previously published in whole or in part nor is in press or currently under consideration in whole or in part for publication other than by the EDITOR.

     The AUTHOR guarantees that the WORK in no way infringes upon any copyright or proprietary rights of others and that it does not contain anything unlawful, libelous, or in violation of any tight of privacy.

     The AUTHOR hereby assigns to the PUBLISHER the copyright to the WORK whereby the PUBLISHER shall have the exclusive right to publish the WORK and translations of it wholly or in part in any medium, including electronic media, throughout the World during the full term of copyright including renewals and extensions and all subsidiary rights subject only to the following:

           The AUTHOR retains the right to republish the WORK in any collection consisting exclusively of the AUTHOR's own works after a period of five years from the date of publication in Hispania without charge, subject to notifying the PUBLISHER of the intent to do so and to including in the republication the notice �Published previously in Hispania� with the issue number, date, and page numbers.           

     The AUTHOR agrees to hold the PUBLISHER and EDITOR harmless from any and all liability, expenses, or damages arising out of the contents of the WORK or the publication of any unlawful matter.

     The execution of this agreement by the AUTHOR will constitute an exclusive grant to the PUBLISHER of a complete release of all publishing and proprietary rights in and to the WORK in any format, including electronic reproduction, and in all languages throughout the world, and for the original and all subsequent reproductions.

     The EDITOR agrees to send AUTHOR a set of galley proofs for the AUTHOR to read and correct in the manner and time stipulated by the EDITOR, but the EDITOR retains final authority to allow or disallow any changes deemed unnecessary.

     AUTHOR must maintain membership in the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese from the year of submission through and including the year of publication.

     If all of the above guarantees and conditions have been met and this contract signed by the AUTHOR, the EDITOR agrees to publish said WORK in Hispania.